How to lodge a claim

Energex crews working on the networkLoss or damage to property or appliances

If you have experienced damage that you suspect was the result of an adverse event on the electricity network or the actions of Energex, you can lodge a Claim For Compensation.

We understand the inconvenience that power outages and other power-related events can cause. We are also aware that our activities can occasionally have some impact on your property.

We recognise our responsibilities and will consider compensation for acts or omissions where we are obliged to do so.

What you can't claim on 

We do not accept responsibility for damage or losses that occur as a result of events that are outside our control, including:

  • The effect of wildlife or vegetation contacting powerlines or apparatus.
  • Natural disasters, storms or lightning related damage and their effect.
  • Power interruptions where the cause cannot be reliably determined.
  • Acts by others, such as vehicles contacting power poles or vandalism.
  • Planned power interruptions as part of our normal work.
  • Instruction by a controlling authority to interrupt power.

How to lodge a claim for loss or damage

When you lodge a claim we ask that you provide some information, including the time, date and address of the event leading to your claim, as well as any information regarding the costs of the damaged property. Where possible, please submit any reports you may have from qualified repairers that confirm the nature of the damage to the item.

We do not accept responsiblity for damage or losses due to natural disasters and storm related weather events.

Claims can be lodged in the following ways:

Information and queries regarding a claim can be posted by:

Attention: Claims Section
Energex Limited
GPO Box 1461
Brisbane QLD 4001

(07) 3025 8301;
Mark: 'For the attention of the Claims Section'


The provision of claim information does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of Energex.

Your insurance company

Sometimes your own home and contents insurance policy will cover electrical-related damage (which can include storm events) to your property or appliances. In this case, you should direct your claim to your insurance company in the first instance.

Network outage information 

Your insurance company may require you to provide information from Energex confirming the nature and cause of the power outage. You can obtain a confirmation letter by calling us on 13 12 53, advising that you require a Network Outage Information Request to be processed for your premises. Alternatively you can submit a Network Outage Information Request Form.

Electrical contractor reimbursements

In some circumstances you may engage the services of an electrical contractor or tradesperson to rectify a supply fault within your home.

If this fault is due to Energex equipment failure, we have a reimbursement process to supplement the cost of the electrical contractor up to a maximum amount of $200 for any one claim.

How to lodge a claim for electrical contractor reimbursements 

To apply for an electrical contractor reimbursement, you will need to mail the original paid invoice with your contact details and postal address to:

Attention: Reimbursements
GPO Box 1461
Brisbane QLD 4001

Important information:

  • Remember to include the original paid invoice.
  • All claims should also include a letter detailing the claim.
  • The claim will be paid to the invoiced customer. 
  • If the cheque is to be made payable to another party, please include details in your letter outlining the reasons for this.
  • Please note that we do not pay the electrical contractor or tradesperson directly. 
  • In the case of Real Estate Agents, they should confirm they are the agent managing your property in the letter. Any claims by non-account holders without this detail will be declined. 
  • We are unable to credit a reimbursement to an electricity account.

When will I receive a response?

Requests for reimbursement are generally completed within one month.

We may contact you by telephone before processing your claim if further information is required.  After investigating your claim, we will either accept the claim and issue an acceptance letter and cheque, or issue a rejection letter.

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