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Safety inside the home

Toaster and toastAny electrical wiring, switches or appliances in your home that are not properly maintained are potential killers.

Hundreds of Queenslanders have been hurt or seriously injured in their homes by unsafe electrical items.

A bit of electrical maintenance makes a big difference:

  • Cleaning appliances after use prevents build-up of grease and dirt, which can affect the electrical function of your appliance.
  • Always turn appliances off at the wall before removing the plug.
  • Never overload a power point by "piggy-backing" - use a power board or have extra power points installed by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • When using extension leads, do not take them through doorways as a door closing on a lead can cause damage. Protect them from the weather and water, and ensure the lead is fully unwound to prevent overheating.
  • When purchasing second-hand appliances, always check for an "electrically safe" label.

Don't do it yourself

You or a family member could be seriously injured or killed if you undertake specialist tasks, such as:

  • replacing or rewiring a plug, switch or power point
  • repairing electrical appliances (e.g., irons, toasters, washing machines, etc.)
  • installing or altering fixed electrical wiring
  • Don't do it yourself. It is important to engage a licensed electrician when performing any electrical works, except for these simple jobs, which you can do yourself:
  • changing an electric light bulb
  • changing the starter in a fluorescent light fitting
  • replacing a fuse
  • resetting a circuit breaker or safety switch

When doing any of the above work, be careful.

Ensure the electricity is turned off (except when resetting a circuit breaker or safety switch where power needs to remain on) and take due care.

What to do in an emergency

In the event on an emergency, find out what Energex recommends you do.

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