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Energex is committed to protecting our customers, the community and electrical workers from the dangers associated with electricity and our distribution network. 

It is worthwhile taking the time to read the following safety tips relating to electricity around our network and your resposnbilies when working near it.

Recognising the dangers of electricity and staying alert, could save your life. 

Look up and live

Contact with overhead powerlines can be deadly, always Look up and live when your work takes you near overhead powerlines. Some simple precautions can prevent serious injury and costly repairs.

Dial before you dig

Avoid hitting underground power cables by checking with Dial Before You Dig.

Electrical safety

Responsibilities of business owners

As a business owner you have obligations under the Electrical Safety Act and Electrical Safety Regulation.

They set specific requirements about electrical equipment and installations to ensure safe use of electricity in the workplace.

The legislation outlines what you must do as a minimum, including:

  • Inspecting, testing and tagging electrical equipment and extension cords on a regular basis
  • Using safety switches in certain situations
  • Removing defective equipment from service
  • Removing safety switches from service if they are defective
  • Only using power boards which incorporate a safety switch or overload protection device
  • Having a licensed electrical contractor to install extra electricity outlets if necessary
  • Protecting extension leads and flexible cables from damage, e.g., using a flexible cover to provide protection against crushing or other damage in pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas

Talk to your licensed electrical contractor or Energex to ensure the safe use of electricity in your workplace.

Protecting your equipment, appliances and yourself

Power packThe following types of surge protectors are available:

  • Portable - a portable surge protector, such as
    a surge protection power board, plugs into a power point and provides protection for those appliances connected to it.
  • Power point - power point surge protectors replace a conventional power point to provide specific protection for key areas in your home or business.

    All surge protectors must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Main switchboard - a surge protector can be installed at your main switchboard by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • If you notice dim or flickering lights ring 13 19 62 and never touch your switchboard, meter box, appliances or metal fixtures.

Tip: In the event of a severe storm, turn off and disconnect sensitive electronic equipment.

What to do in an emergency

In the event on an emergency, find out what Energex recommends you do.

More information

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This is not an exhaustive list of all safety matters that need to be considered. Whilst care is taken in the preparation of this material, Energex does not guarantee, to the extend permitted by law, the accuracy and completeness of information.

To the extend permitted by law, Energex will not be responsible for any loss, damage or costs incurred as a result of any errors omissions or misrepresentations in relation to the material in this document or for any possible actions ensuing from information contained above.

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