Electrical safety

Electric shocks and tingles

Call our emergency line on 13 19 62 if someone experiences a tingle from an electricity source.

Call Triple Zero (000) if someone suffers an electric shock. The operator will report it to Energex.

If a shock or tingle occurs, do not touch electrical equipment, appliances or metal fixtures. An Energex representative will attend as a priority.

Surges and spikes

Electricity surges and spikes occur when there is a sudden increase in voltage in the electricity network.

Surges and spikes can occur from any number of causes including lightning strikes, accidents or in some cases simply switching the on/off button on an appliance.

Whether at home or at work surges and spikes have the potential to damage or destroy appliances or even cause fires.

Solar power

People with solar panels on their roofs should be aware that in the event that electricity supply is disconnected from their home, the panels may still be generating electricity at a dangerous voltage and present an electrical risk.

If you believe any part of the solar power system has been damaged by events such as storms or floods, you need to stay well away from the system until a licensed electrical contractor has been able to attend and make the system safe.

The Electrical Safety Office has provided additional information on:

Portable generators

If you are going to install a generator, you must ensure it is kept in a well ventilated area.

Do not overload your powerpoints or connect the generator to your home wiring unless you are a licensed electrician you should never wire any part of your home, install or move lights, switches or power points, rearrange electrical wires, carry out electrical maintenance or replace frayed cords on appliances.

The Electrical Safety Office has provided additional information on portable generator safety.

What to do in an emergency

In the event on an emergency, find out what Energex recommends you do.

More information

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Important numbers


  • Emergencies   
13 19 62
  • Loss of supply    
13 62 62
  • General enquiries  
13 12 53


  • Police, Fire,      
  • State Emergency  
132 500

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