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Shower headStop paying too much for your hot water

hot water iconClaim $100 and save up to 30 per cent on your hot water costs, by connecting your hot water system to an economy tariff.

Electric element hot water systems account for around 27 per cent of Queensland home electricity use. By connecting to an economy tariff, you can save energy and money while still enjoying the comforts of hot water at home.

Most electric, solar or heat pump hot water systems can be connected to Economy Tariff 33 or Super Economy Tariff 31. Your hot water system will generally use electricity in off-peak times (outside of 4pm-8pm) and will still give you plenty of hot water when you need it. There’s also no minimum charge once connected to an economy tariff, so you only pay for what you use.

Connect to an economy tariff and save... it's easy

1.   Ring your plumber or electrician

Your plumber or electrician can advise whether your hot water system is suitable for an economy tariff. If so, they will arrange the connection and advise us. We will let your electricity retailer know and install the meter if required.

2.   Return your application form

Once your electrician has set up the connection, apply online for a $100 reward.

3.   Receive your $100 reward

We will verify that the economy tariff connection is complete, and within 28 days you'll receive your $100 reward. Once you're connected to an economy tariff you'll enjoy the ongoing savings of a cheaper electricity rate for your hot water system.

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