Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR)

Find out how we're planning the electricity network of the future in our Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) (PDF 4.5 mb).

What this report covers

The DAPR covers a five year period from 2019-20 to 2023-24 and outlines our strategies and plans for South East Queensland.

In particular the DAPR and supporting information below include:

  • Planning for subtransmission and distribution network growth
  • Asset repair and replacement planning
  • Planning for future demand on the network
  • Capacity and load forecasts by region
  • Current and future limitations on our subtransmission and distribution networks
  • Possible solutions for network limitations.

Please click on the image to open the DAPR report.

How the information is presented

The full report can be downloaded as a PDF document (links above). Our load forecasts, capacity data and detailed information on existing network limitations and proposed solutions are available to download as MS Excel (xlsx.) files. Other file formats available on request, just email us your requirements.

DAPR Summary

A summary of our Distribution Annual Planning Report 2019-2024 (PDF 2.7 mb) for our customers, communities and other stakeholders.


Our DAPR and DAPR Summary are prepared and made available solely for information purposes and should not be taken as a recommendation in respect of any possible investment. This report was up-to-date when it was published, but details will change over time due to legislative, policy and other developments.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about how we could improve our DAPR, please let us know by email.

Network limitation map

This interactive map shows where our network is forecast to become constrained.

View interactive DAPR map

Network forecasts

The following forecasts are linked within the DAPR document and within the interactive map. They're provided here for quick reference and download.

Appendix D

Proposed Solutions in the Distribution System Limitation Template (DAPR Template)

Document name Published
Substations Limitations and Proposed Solutions Part A 13.7 MB 24 Dec 2019
Substations Limitations and Proposed Solutions Part B 20.5 MB 24 Dec 2019
Transmission and SubTransmission Feeders Limitations and Proposed Solutions Part A 19.5 MB 24 Dec 2019
Transmission and SubTransmission Feeders Limitations and Proposed Solutions Part B 11.1 MB 24 Dec 2019

Committed Projects

Document name Published
Distribution Feeders Committed Solutions 1.3 MB 24 Dec 2019
Substations Limitations and Committed Solutions 38.5 KB 24 Dec 2019
Summaries of RIT-D Projects approved in the part 12 months 135.8 KB 30 Dec 2019
Summaries of Replacement Unforeseen Projects approved in the past 12 months 201.8 KB 24 Dec 2019
Transmission and Subtransmission Feeders Limitations and Committed Solutions 30.6 KB 24 Dec 2019

Limitations Not Addressed

Document name Published
Limitations not addressed 151.2 KB 24 Dec 2019

Appendix E

Substations Forecast and Capacity Tables

Document name Published
Bulk Supply Substations Load Forecast 2.8 MB 24 Dec 2019
Zone Substations Load Forecast 21.2 MB 24 Dec 2019

Appendix F

Feeders Forecast and Capacity Tables

Document name Published
110kV and 132kV Feeders Summer Forecast 98.7 KB 24 Dec 2019
110kV and 132kV Feeders Winter Forecast 90.4 KB 24 Dec 2019
11kV Feeders Summer and Winter Forecast 1.2 MB 24 Dec 2019
33kV Feeders Summer Forecast 608.0 KB 24 Dec 2019
33kV Feeders Winter Forecast 549.2 KB 24 Dec 2019

Appendix G

Worst Performing 11 kV Feeders

Document name Published
2018-19 Review of Worst Performing 11kV Feeders 5.3 MB 24 Dec 2019
2019-20 Worst Performing 11kV Feeders Details 5.3 MB 24 Dec 2019

Additional Information

Annual Fault Level Report

The 2020 Annual Fault Level Summary Report (PDF 879.7 kb) provides the sub-transient fault levels and their corresponding sequence components for our substations.

Previous reports

View our past past Distribution Annual Planning Reports.

If you have an enquiry about any of our Distribution Annual Planning Reports, please email us.