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Shocks & tingles

If you touch something that gives you an electric shock or a tingle, the next thing you touch should be your phone.

Call us immediately on 13 19 62, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you feel an electric shock or tingle from an electrical appliance or any metal fittings such as a water tap.

What is an electric shock or tingle?

Electric shocks happen when an electric current passes from a ‘live’ object into your body. You might experience a strong zap or feel a painful force run through you. A tingle is a low-level electric shock and feels like pins and needles where your body is making contact with the electrified object.

A shock you get from static electricity is different to an electric shock. You should notice the difference, but if you’re not sure, call us immediately as an electric shock or tingle can cause serious injuries and death.

You can get an electric shock or tingling sensation when you touch an electrified object such as appliances, power points, light switches and metal taps in and outside the property. Other unexpected objects include metallic structures like sheds, roofs, gutters and pool ladders.

Felt an electric shock or tingle?

If you get a shock or tingle, you’ll need to take action to fix it right away. Follow these steps to keep you and your family safe.

Call us immediately

If you feel an electric shock or tingle call us immediately on 13 19 62 (24/7). We will send a crew to investigate the cause of the shock and make sure the area is safe. Don’t wait, our emergency call centre and crews are here to help 24/7.

Keep well clear

If you experience an electric shock or tingle do not touch it again, stay well clear of the location and warn others. It's important not to touch your meter box, switchboard, any appliances or metal fixtures such as taps until the property has been made safe by our crew.

It's also worth seeking medical advice if you've had a shock to make sure there's no injury to the affected person.

IMPORTANT: Don’t touch or attempt to rescue someone who is being shocked - you could end up receiving a shock yourself. Stay well clear and call Triple zero (000).

Meet our crew on arrival

You will need to be in attendance when our crew arrives at the property to give them information on the location of the shock and your switchboard. They will inspect the area to determine what caused the shock/tingle, and whether it’s a network or private property issue.

We ask that you secure any dogs before our crew arrives so that it’s safe for them to enter to investigate the problem.

Fixing the cause

Our crew may be required to disconnect the electricity to the property until it is safe to reconnect.

Electricity network issue

If the cause is determined to be an issue with the electricity network, our crew will carry out the repair at no cost to you.

Property issue

If the crew determines the issue to be caused by a wiring issue in the property, we will recommend contacting a licensed electrical contractor immediately to rectify the issue. In this case, it is the responsibility of the property owner/landlord to organise and pay for the repairs to fix the issue.

How do I get reconnected?

It’s essential that the property is deemed safe before reconnection to the electricity network occurs. Once the repairs have been completed and it is safe to do so, the power to the property will be reconnected by us.

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