Car crashed into power pole at night with field crew on scene

Vehicle accidents & powerlines

Car accidents can sometimes impact electrical infrastructure, like powerlines or green pillar boxes.

When this happens, the accident scene may be electrified. This creates a serious electric shock risk for anyone involved in the crash, including bystanders and first responders.

If you witness a car accident and want to help, put your safety first and use the following precautions to stay safe:

  1. 1 Stay

    Stay in the vehicle. If you are a bystander, stay a minimum of 10 metres away from the vehicle and anything else in contact with power lines.

  2. 2 Call

    Call Triple zero (000) immediately to report fallen powerlines and life threatening situations.

  3. 3 Wait

    Wait for help. Treat all powerlines and other electrical equipment as live.

IMPORTANT: If you’re involved in an accident that has impacted powerlines, do not leave your vehicle. You could be electrocuted. Stay in the vehicle until the power is isolated and powerlines removed.
If you must leave your vehicle, use the following steps to protect yourself from electric shock.