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Electrical contractor fee claims

If you've paid a licensed electrical contractor to investigate an issue with your electricity supply, if it's found to be our fault you can request reimbursement.

How to lodge a claim for electrical contractor reimbursements

To apply for an electrical contractor reimbursement, you will need to mail or email the original paid invoice with your contact details and postal address to:

Attention: Reimbursements
GPO Box 1461
Brisbane QLD 4001

Email: RecordsManagement@energex.com.au

Important information:

  • Remember to include the original paid invoice.
  • All claims should also include a letter detailing the claim.
  • The claim will be paid to the invoiced customer.
  • If the cheque is to be made payable to another party, please include details in your letter outlining the reasons for this.
  • Please note that we do not pay the electrical contractor or tradesperson directly.
  • In the case of Real Estate Agents, they should confirm they are the agent managing your property in the letter. Any claims by non-account holders without this detail will be declined.
  • We are unable to credit a reimbursement to an electricity account.

When will I receive a response?

Requests for reimbursement are generally completed within 30 days.

We may contact you by phone before processing your claim if further information is required.  After investigating your claim, we will either accept the claim and issue an acceptance letter and cheque, or issue a rejection letter.