Hot water tap with water running over tap

Hot water issues (Cold water)

If your hot water system is connected to an economy or controlled load tariff, the electricity supply may be interrupted by us if necessary – particularly during peak periods. In return you get a cheaper rate for your electricity.

Your hot water system will have a guaranteed power supply for a number of hours each day, depending on which economy tariff it’s on. Check with your electricity retailer which tariff your hot water is on.

Please note: The exact time the power may be interrupted is not available as this differs daily.

Reasons why you may have lost hot water

If you’ve lost hot water there are a number of reasons why this may have happened:

  • You have used more hot water than usual and simply run out of hot water
  • Your hot water system is faulty and not filling up properly
  • The hot water system thermostat is faulty
  • There may be a fault with the receiver in the meter box and electricity is not being supplied to the hot water system.
If your hot water has turned cold, please contact your licenced electrical contractor so they can determine what the problem is.

If the fault is with the receiver, your electrical contractor will bridge the relay in the receiver so electricity can be supplied to the hot water system again. Your electrical contractor will then contact us so we can fix the receiver. You'll be invoiced for this work and you're able to claim this fee back from us (please refer to Electrical contractor fee claims for more information). However, if the fault is with your hot water system, your electrical contractor will bill you for this work.

For more information about economy or controlled load tariffs please talk to your electricity retailer.