Request for detailed plans of underground powerlines form

Complete this form to request detailed plans of our underground electric powerlines (33kV or higher) to help you develop detailed designs, work methods and/or risk assessments. This form is typically used for minor works or for preliminary design activities.

Please note: We may need up to 10 business days to action your request.

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Important Information

Please note: Quality of and level of detail shown on Energex records varies significantly and no guarantee is made that plans are available or will show the information desired. Any detailed plans provided are to be treated as indicative only, Energex accepts no liability for damages due to any inaccuracies on the records provided. Provision of these records does not absolve the designer or constructor from any of the conditions in WP1323 (PDF) or the BYD conditions. All design and construction works are to comply with WP1323 and the BYD terms and conditions.