Peak Demand

When we all work together to put less demand on the electricity network, everybody wins.

What is peak demand?

Just like the train you catch to work, the electricity network has its own ‘rush hour’.  We call this ‘daily peak demand’, when the network is as busy as the roads at knock-off time.

Here in Queensland, this tends to be between 4pm and 8pm, when we switch on energy-hungry appliances like air-conditioners and pool pumps at the same time as other everyday appliances.

Once or twice a year, we also experience ‘network peak demand’. This occurs on days of extreme hot or cold, as households and businesses try to carry on as usual despite intense weather.

Why should I try to help out with peak demand?

Excessive demand on the electricity network impacts efficiency, reliability and costs.  Smart management of peak demand means fewer power outages, less need for new infrastructure and, ultimately, lower electricity bills.

16% of the network we build in South East Queensland is used for only a few hours, a few times a year, when network peaks occur. This isn’t the most sustainable approach.

We can keep building our network to cope with these peaks, but we’d rather invite you to work with us as a community to manage and reduce peak demand.

Visit our Cashback Rewards Program pages to learn how you can attract real rewards for helping to manage demand.

PeakSmart events

Find out what happens when network peaks occur and we call on our PeakSmart appliances.