Close up of our substation network

Feeder limitations

We are seeking demand response or non-network solutions to help us manage network constraints and/or limitations in certain target areas.

The specifics of the identified need may vary slightly for each target area and related feeder.

  • Network Support Period: December – February
  • Demand Response Required: Minimum 500kVA demand response / network support per network event request (measured and verified). Additional kVA will be considered.
  • Duration of Network Support Event: Up to 6 hours duration (i.e. 2pm – 8pm)
  • Number of Network Support Events Required: Up to 10 network support events during the nominated network support period
  • Energy at Risk & Value: Supplied upon application
  • Load Duration Curves: Supplied upon application
  • Affected Classes of Customers: Supplied upon application
  • Initial Preferred Option: No initial preferred option has been identified
  • Value: Between $20/kVA - $100/kVA per annum. NOTE: Value is dependent on the selected target area and deferral benefit of associated capital project cost.
  • Closing date: To be confirmed

Non-network solutions could comprise one or a combination of embedded generation or battery storage systems, call-off load, load shift or other demand-side load management solutions.

For further guidance on what to include in your submission, refer to Appendix B of the Demand Side Engagement Strategy. Applications and/or enquiries for information that will enable you to provide an informed response, should be directed to For your security, we do not transmit sensitive information via email.

Target areaFeeder Identified need
Alexandra Hills AHD18B Capacity
Beerwah BWH16A Voltage and Capacity
Caboolture West CBW6 Capacity
Coopers Plains CPL2A Reliability
Caloundra CLD11 Capacity
Hamilton HTN27A Capacity
Heathwood HWD5A Capacity
Kingston KSN8 Capacity
Morayfield MFD12A Capacity
Morayfield North MFN12A Capacity
Mango Hill MHL25A Capacity
Mango Hill MHL5A Capacity
Springfield SPF17B Capacity
Tingalpa TGP6A Capacity

We encourage customers and DM providers to submit proposals for DM solutions – either in response to a request from us, in response to an identified opportunity, or if the DM provider considers their proposal to offer value to the network. Depending on the project, applications for DM solutions should include:

  • customer site information
  • proposed project details
  • required hardware
  • a reasonable estimate of costs (+/- 40%), including incentive payments
  • timeframe for delivery
  • details about the proponent submitting the proposal (including any experience with similar projects)
  • a description of the proposed demand management
  • product and how it services the network limitation (either partially or in full)
  • the time, duration and output of load (kVA per year)
  • expected to be managed (this may address minimum or maximum load)
  • relevant technical information (such as capacity of generators, dispatch details and proposed connection points) development status (if applicable)
  • identified market benefits and a clear methodology used to calculate those benefits
  • evidence the proponent has customer authorisation to recover bill/data/site information from the DNSP
  • any other relevant information

In some cases, we may request specific details that respond to criteria relevant to the identified network limitation. Our Demand and Energy Management Team are available to provide further information and advice. Proposals for non-network solutions can be submitted by email to

Provide feedback

We are always looking for ways to better engage with businesses and customers.

If you have feedback that may help us to improve the Regulatory Test and Request for Proposal Consultations process, or how we can better engage industry in general, please email us at