Residential house with workers

Customer's rights and obligations

Energisation and re-energisation timeframes

If power supply is available and you and/or an electricity retailer have lodged all the necessary paperwork and taken all the steps you need to take, then electricity will be connected to your premises on the agreed date.

The timeframes within which we'll energise or re-energise your premises are set out:

  • For standard service orders - in clause 3.7.1(b) and clause 3.7.3 of the Electricity Distribution Network Code
  • For other service orders - in accordance with your relevant connection contract or ongoing supply contract (as applicable).

Relevant energy laws

The suite of core energy laws that outline your rights and obligations as an electricity connection applicant or customer are:

Standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures

If you apply for customer connection services, we must provide the relevant connection services you applied for in accordance with the relevant connection contract.

Relevant connection contracts are discussed further on the Connections web page, and for large customers on the Major business connections web page.

Relevant ongoing connection contracts are discussed further on the Our responsibilities web page.

In addition, if you're a small customer, you may make a complaint to us about a relevant matter that arises between you and us. A relevant matter includes:

  • The carrying out of an energy marketing activity
  • A deemed standard connection contract
  • A negotiated connection contract
  • A matter under or in connection with the National Electricity Rules concerning a new connection or a connection alteration.

Please note that the setting of tariffs and charges by us is not a relevant matter.

We have a set of procedures for handling small customer complaints and disputes. For more information please view our Complaints web page.

Queensland Energy Ombudsman

You may also make a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman about a relevant matter. The Queensland Energy Ombudsman details are:

The offices of the Queensland Energy Ombudsman are located at:

  • Brisbane - Level 16, 53 Albert Street
  • Cairns - Level 1, Cairns Corporate Tower 15 Lake Street
  • Rockhampton - Level 2, 209 Bolsover Street

Interpreter services: 131 450

National Relay Service: 133 677

Special provisions for small customers

Guaranteed service levels

We're committed to giving you the best possible service. If we don't meet the Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs) set out in the Electricity Distribution Network Code, we'll pay eligible customers a GSL payment.

For more information, visit our GSLs web page.