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Remove your connection

Removing an electricity network connection (or abolishing supply) usually occurs when a building is planned for demolition, removal, or relocation. We'll remove the service line and other electrical assets that we own, like relays, from the premises.

Once the connection has been removed, its National Metering Identifier (NMI) will be cancelled.

How do I request supply abolishment?

You need to contact your electricity retailer and advise you wish to remove the network connection at your premises.

Once we receive a service order request from your retailer, we'll complete the work in the timeframes below. Your electricity retailer will also arrange the removal of any non-Energex meters on site.

If you don’t know the current electricity retailer for the premises, you can call us on 13 12 53.

Note: To remove your Rate 3 Lighting connection, you'll need to use our Request for Removal / Disconnection of Energex Electrical Assets form (PDF 155.5 kb). Once completed, please send the form to your retailer who will request the work to be completed.

How long will it take?

Once we've received a service order request from your electricity retailer, we'll remove the connection within the below timeframes. We'll leave a card at the premises to let you know when the connection has been removed.

Area Removal timeframe
Urban* We will remove the network connection within 20 business days.
Rural and isolated The date of connection removal will be agreed between your electricity retailer and us.

*This timeframe is for simple supply abolishments only. It may take longer if works are required on our network to safely remove your connection or an appointment is required.

Important: Building demolition or removal cannot, under any circumstances, start until we have confirmed in writing that the work to remove the connection has been completed.

How much will it cost?

The fee for a supply abolishment service is a fixed charge as outlined below.

Note: These are the fees we charge your electricity retailer for this service. Your electricity retailer can advise you on final costs to you.

Service How are you billed Charge (excl GST) as current for 2023-24 year
Supply Abolishment - decommissioning of one National Metering Identifier (NMI) during business hours The charges will be included in the next bill you receive from your electricity retailer $434.511
Service line removal (No CT Simple)

Energex meter removal (No CT)

For a comprehensive list of charges, see our latest Network Price List on our Pricing & tariffs web page (refer to sheet ACS Fee-based, Supply Abolishment).

Important information

You may be at risk of electrocution if building demolition or removal is started without our written confirmation that the network connection has been removed.

If you would like to check on the progress, contact your electricity retailer.

To reconnect your electricity network supply after abolishment, you will need to request a new connection.


  1. This amount is for service line removal only during business hours. If further works are required to remove your service (e.g. removing a transformer), additional charges may apply.
  2. This amount is for meter removal only during business hours, if there is an Energex meter on site.