Lightning Tracker

This map displays cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in South East Queensland during the past 45 minutes.

Each strike, represented by a coloured square, shows the strike age. The strike age is summarised in the legend.

About Lightning

Tracker Global Position and Tracking Systems (GPATS) have receivers throughout Australia which capture the date/time of each strike and transmit the data to a central analyser in Sydney.

The central analyser marries the data from multiple receivers and plots the strike locations.

The relevant plot information is sent to Energex to convert the data into the Lightning Tracker map you see here.

Please note: We do not own the lightning information provided by GPATS. As part of our agreement with GPATS, the Lightning Tracker data is delayed by 15 minutes.

Lightning strikes in South East Queensland during the past 45 minutes

Map of South East Queensland showing lightning strikes during the past 45 minutes

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