We're responsible for developing new electricity infrastructure as it is needed.

Depending on the scale and the type of infrastructure to be developed, we may either acquire land outright for this purpose, or it may take an easement or wayleave.

What is an electricity easement?

An easement provides ‘right of way’ over a portion of land that allows Energex to construct and maintain a powerline.

Ownership of the land remains with the property, however certain restrictions may be placed over how the land can be used in future.

Easements may also exist for telephone lines, water and sewage mains and natural gas supply lines.

Why are easements necessary?

Easements provide us with the right of clear access on a permanent basis to ensure powerlines can be regularly or immediately inspected, maintained and repaired to help us continue to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity.

Interference with our rights and electricity equipment may comprise safety of the public and the occupiers of the property.

Therefore, it is essential that our rights are understood and observed.