Our Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure¹ explains how we will manage complaints and disputes. It includes what information we require from you, when you can expect to hear from us, and what options you have if you feel your complaint or dispute has not been handled effectively....

How to lodge a complaint or dispute

A complaint or dispute is an expression of your dissatisfaction in relation to our actions, products, services or the complaints handling process itself, where you would like a response or resolution.  It does not include general enquiries or reports for actions such as streetlight outages.

A complaint or dispute may include:

Alternatively you may raise a complaint or dispute with us:

Please note that if your complaint relates to your electricity account, you will need to contact your electricity retailer.

If you have a complaint regarding a procurement activity please attempt to first resolve the problem informally with the contract officer.

For a complaint regarding the tender process, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Tender, which can be found on the Queensland Government QTenders website.

If following these steps you are not satisfied with the response or action, you can lodge a formal complaint using one of the options listed above.

Additional information

Who does the procedure apply to?

The Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure* applies to you if you are a small customer and draw your electricity supply directly from our network.  A small customer is someone who purchases energy principally for personal or household purposes, or a business customer who consumes less than 100 megawatt hours each year.

The procedure can also apply to contractors or suppliers providing goods or services to, or on behalf of us.

How we will treat your complaint or dispute

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint or dispute at the time you raise the issue with us. For complex issues, we may need to refer your complaint or dispute to other sections within our organisation and you will be advised accordingly.

Our initial contact will be made with you by telephone.  If further contact is required, the format of this will be agreed with you at that time, and may be by telephone, email or in writing.  If a site visit is required we will organise this with you for a time that is convenient.

What information we need to resolve your complaint or dispute

Please provide a telephone number when lodging a complaint as we may need more information to assist with our investigation. Also, please indicate the response or resolution you are seeking.

For complaints relating to procurement or the tender process, please provide details of prior contact with us, including names of the representatives you may have previously dealt with.

When you can expect to be contacted

We will contact you by telephone within 1 business day to acknowledge that we have received your complaint, and to provide you with a unique identifier number for your reference should you wish to contact us.

You will then be contacted within 10 business days with our proposed course of action.

What if you are not happy with our response?

If you are not satisfied with our response, you have the right to request your complaint or dispute be reviewed by our Customer Advocate.

Once your complaint or dispute is lodged with the Customer Advocate, you will be contacted within two business days.

Escalating a dispute to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

If you are not satisfied with the resolution proposed by the Customer Advocate, you are entitled to contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland on 1800 662 837 or by visiting the Energy + Water Complaints Wizard website.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman will determine if you have given us a reasonable opportunity to resolve your complaint and if they can assist with your complaint. We are required to provide information and assistance relating to a dispute if requested by the Ombudsman.

See the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland complaint resolution flowchart for more information.

Customers may also be able to request their complaint or dispute be reviewed by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

We welcome your feedback to identify potential areas of improvement to our service.

  1. Our Standard Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure is for your information and is not a contract. This Procedure is consistent with the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 10002:2014 (Guidelines for complaint management in organizations) and will be regularly reviewed and updated as required.