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Positions & locations

We have a variety of apprenticeship types on offer through our apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships available are in line with the needs of our business and there may be only one or multiple apprenticeships available.

Applications are currently closed

Our Apprenticeship Program applications are now closed. We recruit annually for apprentices with our next intake to be advertised around June 2025. When applications are open, the available positions and locations will be shown on this page.

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Apprenticeship salaries

Employment conditions are regulated by the relevant legal agreement.

  • Under 21: Salary commencing from $62,316 per annum + superannuation
  • 21 and over: Salary commencing from $84,457 per annum + superannuation

All of your uniforms, personal protective equipment and tools are supplied and paid for, as well any study, travel and accommodation costs.

Additional non-urban benefits

If the laid-back country lifestyle, strong sense of community, and the chance to experience life a little off the beaten track isn’t enough, there are some very attractive additional benefits to live and work in non-urban areas. Non-urban benefits are available at locations marked with an asterisk (*) in the table above.

Depending on location, additional benefits can be:

  • Zone allowance – up to $25,625 per annum
  • Additional travel leave – up to five (5) days per annum
  • Locality allowance – up to $8,684 per annum
  • Housing affordability allowance – up to $24,440 per annum.

We’re unable to provide individualised information about these allowances at this stage, and people’s eligibility and any payment structure depends on various Energy Queensland policies, State and Federal directives and legislation, and are subject to change over time. Please utilise the links below to see what might be on offer now:

There is also potential for permanent employment to be available in some locations after 2 years of the apprenticeship. This will be subject to satisfactory training and performance expectations being met and commitment to a minimum 2-year period of placement in the location upon being qualified.

Apprenticeship types & locations

We offer apprenticeships for Electricians, Communications Technicians, Distribution Linespersons, Transmission Linespersons, Underground Cable Jointer and Mechanical Trades (Fitting). Learn more about these on our Trade types web page. Not all trade types will be offered in every apprentice intake.

Apprentices work in depots in locations throughout regional Queensland. Even though you may start your apprenticeship in one location, it's likely that you may spend time in other parts of Queensland during your apprenticeship to experience a range of task environments. You may also attend a block of training in regional centres and/or Brisbane. If you become an apprentice, you may need to live away from your home base at times.

Need more information?

If you would like more information about our apprenticeship program, read our Apprenticeships frequently asked questions, email us at or call us on 1800 262 353.