Electrical contractors

Electrical Partners Portal

The EP Portal is the new online method for submitting Electrical Work Requests (EWR) and Solar (Form 1060 - MEG).

Electrical Contractor updates

Up-to-date information regarding safety, process changes and the EP Portal which is emailed to electrical contractors who are registered on the Electrical Partners Portal.

Solar PV information

Information regarding solar photovoltaic inverter systems and other embedded generators can be accessed from our Solar PV Installers page.

Queensland Electricity Connection & Metering Manual

The QLD Electricity Connection and Metering Manual (QECMM) provides minimum requirements for connection of supply and metering of customer installations.

Tariff Schedule 2013-14

In accordance with the Energex Pricing Proposal, our network tariffs have been formulated to reflect the costs allocated to various customer classes.  The 2013-14 Tariff Schedule provides Energex's network tariffs for standard control services and prices for alternative control services.

Queensland Government Gazette - Retail Electricity Prices for Non-Market Customers

The Retail Electricity Prices for Non-Market Customers provides details and conditions pertaining to the application of the various Queensland Competition Authority notified prices (Maximum Uniform Tariffs).

Feedback and suggestions

Provide your feedback, using the Customer Complaints, Enquiries and Feedback Form, about the Electrical Contractors web page or make suggestions as to how it can be improved.

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