Torres Strait jetty at low tide

Cultural heritage

Queensland has a rich history and diverse heritage that has shaped our sense of place and forms part of our identity. We endeavour to avoid having an adverse impact on heritage sites as far as possible.

We liaise with community organisations and the relevant government agencies to find a solution that allows us to carry out our works without compromising heritage values.

Indigenous heritage

We acknowledge the traditional owners of Queensland in which we operate. We follow the Duty of Care Guidelines for cultural heritage protection to ensure that we don't disturb Aboriginal cultural heritage during the construction and operation of our powerlines. In conjunction with the relevant Aboriginal groups, our field crews and contractors are provided with cultural heritage awareness training before conducting any major works.

Queensland's heritage

Our activities may occasionally interact with buildings, trees, roads or other items that are valued as being significant as part of the State's early European history. Some of our own buildings and properties contain significant heritage value. We take care to avoid impact on any sites of cultural heritage value.

Contact us

If you would like to talk to someone in our Cultural Heritage team please call our general enquires number 13 12 53.