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The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) Ring-fencing Guideline seeks to ensure a level playing field in new and existing markets to promote competition in the supply of electricity services.

The Guideline came into effect on 1 January 2018 and we're committed to comply as required.

Waiver application

We're aiming to minimise our costs in complying with the Guideline so are seeking a number of waivers where it's not cost-effective and where no harm to competition occurs.


The Guideline requires the production and publication of a number of registers, namely an office and staff sharing register, an information sharing register and a waiver register.

Sharing of information protocol

Under the Guideline we're required to publish an Information Register that outlines the entities that request 'confidential information' and the type of information sought. Our Information Sharing Protocol and Application Form (PDF 1.2 mb) details how we propose to meet our information sharing obligations and how you can request confidential information.

The completed application form can be emailed to