Rewards for air-conditioning, pools and hot water

Positive Payback

If you have an air-conditioner, pool or hot water system you can earn great rewards. Positive Payback rewards customers who connect energy hungry appliances to economy tariffs or who install technologies that make their equipment operate more efficiently when the electricity network experiences peak demand.

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PeakSmart air-con
Reward: up to $500

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Hot water
Reward: $100

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Pools - Economy tariff
Reward: $250

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Pools - Efficient pump
Reward: $150

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Need a signal receiver pack?
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Connect a PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner. Connect your hot water to an Economy tariff. Connect your pool pump to an Economy tariff. Connect a 5-star (or better) pool pump.

As we increasingly rely on electricity as part of our everyday lives, energy use between 4pm and 8pm continues to rise. Millions of dollars are spent on extra infrastructure just to cater for these peak times. Positive Payback is one of our solutions to managing peak demand. For further information on saving money and energy, visit

Positive Payback - Business

Information for Retailers and Tradespeople

Energex works with a number of industry partners to deliver Positive Payback. The industry hub contains up to date information for retailers and tradespeople on air-conditioning, pool and hot water offers.

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