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Program structure & support

Generally speaking, each apprenticeship runs for four years. When you first start with us, you'll complete an induction. This ensures you have a basic understanding of our company and the policies and procedures that you'll be required to follow. Once the induction is complete, you'll be able to begin your apprenticeship training.

When we are advertising for apprenticeship applications the details will be shown on our Positions and locations web page.

Apprenticeships are based on achieving competencies. A competency means that you have been assessed as being able to carry out a certain task or combination of tasks, both in theory and practice, to an established standard. Although each trade requires different skills, to complete your apprenticeship, to achieve the necessary competencies, and to become fully-qualified tradesperson, you must be successful in both off-job and on-the-job training.

Specialised Support for Apprentices

We maintain an apprentice completion rate of greater than 95%, far higher than industry standards. We have a specialised team of eighteen staff that provide support that underpins this high completion rate. Every apprentice is managed by their Apprentice Program Leader, who provides a range of support, including:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Counselling and advice
  • Coaching and mentoring, and
  • Progression Monitoring.

Skills and abilities are we looking for

To successfully complete and apprenticeship in the Electricity Supply Industry you will need a wide range of skills, aptitude, and abilities. We seek to employ people who reflect our professionalism and values, and the diversity and culture of our communities.

Applications are accepted from all members of the community and are assessed on merit. The knowledge, values, and abilities we are looking for in our apprentices include:

  • Focus on safety and situational awareness
  • Effective communication
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Capacity to consistently demonstrate respect toward colleagues, the community, and all others regardless of background, gender, age or differences
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and the capacity to work within, and contribute effectively to, a small team working in close proximity
  • Capacity to acquire new skills and demonstrated problem solving ability.

Off-job training

Off-job training provides the theoretical knowledge you'll need to use on the job. This knowledge is taught at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). You will attend an RTO for 28 to 34 weeks during your apprenticeship, in blocks of two to four weeks at a time.

If you have to travel away from home to attend training, we'll arrange and pay for your travel and accommodation expenses. You'll still be able to come home every second weekend as well if you choose, and we'll also pay for those travel costs.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training provides you with the chance to use the skills and knowledge learned at the RTO and put them into practice.

Throughout your apprenticeship you'll learn how to complete the competencies applicable to your trade and you'll be assessed on your ability to complete them to the required standard. To get the right on-the-job training, you may be required to travel to and work at our sites away from your normal home base for extended periods during your apprenticeship.

In the same way, you may also be required to work with other host employers, such as external electrical contractors. In these cases, your travel and accommodation (if necessary) will be arranged and paid for you.

During your apprenticeship, you'll work with qualified tradespeople who will assist with your on-the-job training. Try to make the most of their skills and experience, the people you will be working with are experts in their trades and can help you learn your skills.

Benefits of working for us

Employment terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions of employment are contained in the Energy Queensland Union Collective Agreement. This Agreement sets out the benefits and working conditions that reflect the specific needs of our business and enable us to improve our ability to attract and retain employees, at a time when there is significant competition within the energy market for skilled people.

Remuneration, benefits, and rewards

We constantly strive to be competitive and flexible in our remuneration, benefits and rewards policies, and procedures. As part of their employment conditions, apprentices also receive:

  • Living away from home allowance if applicable
  • Locality allowance in specified locations
  • Uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Toolkits
  • Course fees and textbooks.

Full details of the allowances payable to employees can be found in the latest Energy Queensland Union Collective Agreement.

Need more information?

Go to frequently asked questions and click on careers then apprentices, or if you'd like to talk to us about our apprenticeship program, please phone 1800 262 353 or email us at