Connection Standard Small Scale Parallel Inverter Energy Systems up to 30kVA

In 1 July 2014, a new connection standard for Small Scale Parallel Inverter Energy Systems (IES) up to 30kVA was introduced. This was a joint initiative between Energex and Ergon Energy.

The standard was designed to address some of the issues that have arisen for us, installers and customers with the rapid uptake of solar PV systems in recent years. The new standard takes into account feedback received from the solar PV industry, industry bodies such as the Clean Energy Council, and the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

We strongly encourage all PV industry members to read the new standard to assist in your understanding of the rules, your obligations and the benefits.

View a copy of the STNW1170 Standard for Micro Embedded Generating Connections   (PDF 1.1 mb).

What is staying the same?

  • Under the Electricity Regulations 2006, all new and additions to existing IES require an application for approval to connect to Energex. This is through the Electrical Partners Portal (EPP) or via a Form 1060.
  • For now, IES systems up to 5kVA will be connected automatically without a detailed technical assessment. However from 30 September 2015, systems above 3kVA will be required to have a lagging/under-excited power factor setting fixed at 0.9.
  • The maximum allowable single phase system is 5kVA. There will be no more than 5kVA difference between capacity on each phase.
  • IES systems above 5kVA that intend to export power to the grid will be subject to a technical assessment in the same manner as they are currently.
  • Metering changes are required on all installed IES systems, whether exporting or nil-export. A B2B and EWR are required for every installation to initiate net metering to be installed.

What is changing?

For a list of the major changes and other information relevant to this standard, including "accredited persons" and minimum requirements for submitting drawings with applications, please refer to our Connection Standard Small Scale Parallel IES up to 30kVA FAQs page.