Aerial view of multiple solar panels on the roof of residential house

Dynamic Connections for energy exports

Welcome to the future of electricity network connections – the smart way to boost your solar exports!

Queensland has one of the highest rates of solar photovoltaic (PV) system installations in the world. This only looks set to increase as people embrace renewable energy alternatives for their homes and businesses, and more large renewable energy projects are connected. We want to support everyone who wants to install solar PV on our network. To achieve this, we need smarter interaction between solar PV systems and our electricity network. Customers now have the ability to choose a dynamic connection for their solar system.

Read more about why we’ve introduced this option and how dynamic connections for solar is a smart choice by selecting one of the below options.

Solar PV

Our sunburnt country is the perfect place for solar power and there are many benefits of ‘going solar’. Read more about solar power and whether it might be right for you.