Aerial view of multiple solar panels on the roof of residential house

Homeowners & small business

Queensland has one of the highest rates of solar photovoltaic (PV) system installations in the world. To support more solar, batteries and other generation being connected to our network we are offering dynamic connections as a smart alternative to our normal connection arrangements. Read more on how a dynamic connection works.

The information below applies to customers installing up to 30kVA of solar. Information on dynamic connections for above 30kVA will be provided here soon.

Getting a dynamic connection

Getting your solar PV system installed on our network via a dynamic connection is simple:

  1. 1 Connection application

    Your installer submits your connection application to us, on your behalf.

  2. 2 Accepting the Connection Offer

    Your installer can nominate a dynamic connection via our online Portal and accept the Dynamic Connection Offer on your behalf.

  3. 3 Installation

    Your system is installed and your installer commissions the connection to our systems. Your installer will advise on any upfront or on-going costs.

In most cases, the cost of choosing a dynamic connection will be offset by the benefits of additional exports (check with your retailer regarding their feed-in tariff rates).

Additional information

The majority of customers on the network would experience minimal to no limiting of their solar system’s export, most of the time. Export limiting is more likely to happen on clear, sunny days around autumn and early spring where there is also less demand on the electricity network and/or where there is a large number of solar systems installed on the local network.

Once your system is registered and maintains a communication link with us, even when there is a need to reduce your solar export, you will still be allowed to export 1.5 kW, unless there is a significant emergency event requiring all solar generation to be reduced.

Being able to export more

A dynamic connection can help with reducing your power bill as you may be able to earn a feed-in tariff for your excess electricity exported to the grid.

To estimate how much you may save on your bill, you would need to know your feed-in tariff rate (talk to your electricity retailer) and the estimated daily kWh grid export (talk to your solar installer). A simple example is below showing the estimated yearly benefit for a premise that is able to earn an 8 cents per kWh feed-in tariff, that is exporting on average 10kWh/day:

  • 8c/kWh X 10kWh/day X 365 days = $292.

The above is a simple example comparing a site that would otherwise be required to have a zero export connection – you should talk to your installer for assistance in estimating the benefits a dynamic connection may offer.

Being able to install a larger system including battery storage

Many households are wanting to install a large solar system and a battery system to help future proof their household’s energy supply and costs.

You can install a larger combined solar PV and battery system up to 20 kVA with a dynamic connection on single-phase - up to 10 kVA solar PV inverter and 10kVA battery inverter capacity - without the need to upgrade to three-phase power (which would be required for a fixed connection). A fixed connection on single-phase would be limited to 10 kVA inverter capacity in total.

Note: For sites that use a hybrid inverter under a dynamic connection on single-phase, you can only install a system up 10 kVA total inverter capacity. So the combined capacity limits of each technology (eg. solar and battery) cannot exceed 10 kVA in total.

Ask your local solar installers for advice on what is required to enable your solar system for a dynamic connection. They can also help you with the connection application process.

Solar soaking

It’s important to know, that even with increased export capacity, the best way to maximise the value of your solar PV system is to use as much of the electricity generated within your home or business as you can. This is called solar soaking. You can read more on solar soaking and find our fact sheet on the go to our Solar Soak web page.

Want more information?

Read our FAQs which may help with any other queries you may have. You can also view our Dynamic Connections Factsheet (PDF 1017.0 kb).