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Connection Standard Small Scale Parallel Inverter Energy Systems up to 30kVA

In 1 July 2014, a new connection standard for Small Scale Parallel Inverter Energy Systems (IES) up to 30kVA was introduced. This was a joint initiative between Energex and Ergon Energy.

The standard was designed to address some of the issues that have arisen for us, installers and customers with the rapid uptake of solar PV systems in recent years. The new standard takes into account feedback received from the solar PV industry, industry bodies such as the Clean Energy Council, and the Department of Energy and Public Works.

We strongly encourage all PV industry members to read the new standard to assist in your understanding of the rules, your obligations and the benefits.

Electrical Partners Portal

The Electrical Partners Portal is available for submitting:

  • Network Connection Applications, including Solar (Connect)

Micro embedded generation including solar photovoltaic

As an installer of grid connected embedded generators, you play an important role in guiding our customers through the installation process.

Concerning the installation of these systems, we're involved in two aspects:

  • We provide permission for the customer to connect their system to the supply network; and
  • Where we're the meter provider, we change or re-program the meter to register any potential generation produced by the system.

The following Fact Sheet provides information about how to read a solar meter:

DER Register

The Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Register is a national initiative driven by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and comes into effect on 17 February 2020.

It’s a centralised register that will record data on small generating systems (e.g. solar PV, other renewable energy and fossil-fueled) and battery storage systems up to 30 MW, that are either exempt from registering as a generator with AEMO or not required to be registered.

We're required under the National Electricity Rules to provide DER information to the AEMO in accordance with the DER Register Information Guidelines. Read more on our DER Register webpage.

Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme

The Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme has now closed.

For more information, please visit the Queensland Government's Solar Bonus Scheme webpage.

Solar PV installers updates

Regular Solar PV installer updates are produced by us and emailed to solar PV installers who are registered on the Electrical Partners Portal.