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How to connect - Larger systems over 30kV

Energy generation systems (such as solar, batteries, renewables, diesel) can help manage your demand on our electricity network during peak times and assist in the event of emergency outages or power supply interruptions.

These can be embedded generating (EG) systems such as:

  • Bumpless or parallel systems via rotating machines (i.e. diesel)
  • Exporting systems via renewable energy technology such as solar, battery, wind and biogases.

These EG systems usually benefit from the Australian Energy Market Operator's (AEMO) standing exemption and are required to follow the connection process under Chapter 5A of the NER.

How to apply for connection

Use the Enquiry Form in the Electrical Partners Portal to start the connection process.

As part of the connection process, we’ll check if the local electricity network can support your proposed system to work effectively. We’ll also need to establish a new connection contract with you.

Further information on the connection process is available in Part A of our Embedded Generation Information Pack (PDF 17.6 mb). The following information explains the types of connections.

Basic connection

If your connection qualifies as a basic connection service according to our Connection Policy (PDF 705.2 kb), our Model Standing Offer (PDF 369.9 kb) explains the applicable conditions for connecting your EG system to our electricity distribution network.

Negotiated connection

Where your connection does not qualify as a basic connection service, or you choose to negotiate the terms of your connection contract, you can negotiate your connection offer with us according to the National Electricity Rules framework. Please refer to our Negotiated Connection Agreement (PDF 387.9 kb) for our indicative terms.

Connection contract

Under the National Electricity Rules, when we receive a connection application we must make an offer to the applicant to enter into a connection contract. Your connection contract will commence when you accept our connection offer.

Important information for generators

On 18 December 2020 a new version of AS/NZS 4777.2 was released. AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 came into effect 12 months from the release, on 18 December 2021. For more information about this change, please read our FAQs.

Get in touch

Do you have a specific question about connecting an embedded generator?

If so, please contact our Solar and Renewables Team at

For general enquiries please contact the Connections Operations Team on 13 12 53