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Electrical contractor updates

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2024 updates

Last year

UpdateTopicsDate of issue
Issue 18Queensland Electricity Connection Manual Engagement Roadshows; Dynamic Connections Update21 December 2023
Issue 17Electrical Contractor’s Hotline New Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Options; Information to Help Progress Your Connection Application30 November 2023
Issue 16Electrical Partners Portal troubleshooting; LV Generation applications; Asbestos Containing Material in metering panels; Dynamic Connections update26 October 2023
Issue 15Win a gift card; Call Back Request Form; EWR Notifications; Defect Form Name; Connection Application Fees; Emergency Backstop Mechanism inspections28 September 2023
Issue 14Timeframe changes; Tariff Reform Impacts; New websites; Dynamic Connections Update17 August 2023
Issue 13LV Embedded Generation Fees increasing 1 September 202328 July 2023
Issue 12Ipswich Neighbourhood Battery Trial; Expedited LVCT Metering Advice Fee Increasing 1 September 2023; Electrical Safety Week 4 - 8 September 202327 July 2023
Issue 11Extended consultation for Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM)13 July 2023
Issue 10Energy Academy invitation, Supply abolishment with assets on site; New connections not yet ready; Retirement of existing solar email address; Dynamic connection update; EWR and portal reminders; CTS Certificate of Supply26 June 2023
Issue 09Consultation open for the Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM) - Closes 14 July 202320 June 2023
Issue 08Remove Meter – Additional Service Request; Embedded Generation Application Reminder - Understand our Standards and Connection Policy; Dynamic Connection Update; Win a $100 Gift Card!25 May 2023
Issue 07Working with Asbestos; LV Current Transformer Metering Installation Design Requests; Tree Trimming for a New Connection; Micro EG Units Being Switched on Before Metering Has Been Installed or Reprogrammed; Existing NMI Supply Abolishment Process Reminder5 May 2023
Issue 06Emergency Backstop Mechanism Update3 April 2023
Issue 05Getting Reconnected After Storm Damage, Flooding, or Inundation; Contractor Hotline & Enquiries and Applications - Providing Correct Customer Details30 March 2023
Issue 04Network voltage; When is an EWR required for a meter reseal; Supply upgrades in conjunction with POA relocations23 February 2023
Issue 03Changes to LV Generation Standards Effective Monday 6 February 20236 February 2023
Issue 02Tips and tricks for a compliant Connection Application25 January 2023
Issue 01Submitting Connect Agreement or EWR on repair of privately owned line defects & Emergency Backstop implementation10 January 2023

Archived updates

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